Cell Platform

The S23M Cell Platform is the basis for the development of semantically interoperable and modular software systems, with origins in the mathematical disciplines of model theory and denotational semantics. An easily accessible introduction to so-called semantic modelling is available here.

Semantic modelling with the Cell Platform has a broad range of practical applications. The modelling of non-trivial value chains in high-technology companies or across entire supply chains are only two of many examples.

Introductory slides on information quality, evolution of knowledge, and semantic modelling

Sharpening your collaborative edge requires a full understanding of the perspectives of your customers and suppliers.

Bringing clarity and simplicity to modelling – a talk on the role of artefacts

From muddling to modelling – introductory talk on formal modelling with many simple examples

Creating a shared understanding relies on useful models that are sufficiently validated.

Gmodel, the prototype implementation of the Cell Platform, was presented at the 1st Workshop on Model-Driven Interoperability (2010). A typical application scenario is illustrated in this 5-minute video.